Enrollment criteria 

Conditions and criteria for applying and enrollment


Eligible to enroll to the doctoral studies are the following:

  • Candidates with completed relevant academic studies of second cycle, or postgraduate studies that are compatible with the profile of doctoral studies and have earned a minimum of 300 European credits.
  • Candidates who haven’t completed the appropriate academic studies of second cycle, or that are of a related scientific field and meet the additional requirements for enrollment at the doctoral studies at the University/Unit that organizes the doctoral studies of the appropriate academic program.
  • Candidates who have graduated at postgraduate study programs and have acquired the title of Master, until the enactment of the Law on Higher Education and to whom can be recognized up to 60 credits of doctoral studies, depending on the level of compatibility of the completed previous study programme to the doctoral study programme to which are enrolled, for which the decision is made by the University/Unit of the University.
  • Foreign citizens according to the conditions stipulated by the Law on Higher Education.


Additional requirements for enrollment to the Doctoral Programme in Entrepreneurship and SME Management


Besides the general Competition terms and conditions for enrollment of students at the


third cycle of studies provided by the Regulation of the conditions, criteria and rules for


enrollment and studying at the third cycle of studies at the University “St. Kliment

Ohridski” - Bitola, there are additional requirements, as follows:


• Compatible for enrollment are all students who have previously completed a

second cycle academic degree/postgraduate studies and have achieved a minimum

of 300 ECTS; 

• The students should have fluent oral and excellent written English;

• Positively evaluated interview.

The ranking will take into account all the above mentioned elements.


Implementation of the competition for students entering the third cycle studies

Applicants can apply to the announced competition by completing a form prepared by the  unit(s) where the study program is organized. The form and documentation that has to be  provided for the competition has to be submitted by the applicants to the University / University unit that organize the relevant doctoral studies.

The students that are enrolled at the doctoral studies, study in accordance with the conditions, the criteria and the rules contained in the Regulation for enrollment and studying at the third cycle studies at the University “St. Kliment Ohridski” – Bitola

The amount of the tuition (is expressed in euros and it is calculated and paid in denars according to the average exchange rate of the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia on the date of payment. The tuition is paid in 6 equal installments at the beginning of each semester.



Whenregisteringcandidates have tosubmit the following documents:

· ApplicationForm preparedby the unit(s)wherethe programis organized in which the studyprogram for which the candidate is applying has to be appointed

· Motivation letterindicating theareaof research

· CurriculumVitae

· Diploma/Certificateon completion ofsecondcycle studiesor postgraduatestudies

· Certificate ofCitizenship


Documentsfor enrollment

During the enrollment, the accepted applicantsshould submit:

· Indexandapplication form

· Twophotos(3.5x4.5on whitebackground)

· Confirmation ofpaidtuitionfor the first semester