at the premises of the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis

July 09-13.2012

This study visit to the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis was aimed to train professors (academic staff) from WB

Main aim of the study visit  

This study visit to the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis (WP1 Activity 7) was aimed to train professors (academic staff) from WB Universities – partners in DOCSMES Tempus project to become successful supervisors (mentors) of the PhD candidates. The mission of the visit was accomplished through several workshops and site visits.

The participants present to this workshop were from EU Partner Universities (UNICE and UNIBO) and WB Universities.

The List of the participants is attached to this Minutes. (Annex 1).

Main outcomes of discussion and group decision

  • During the first day of the study visit WB university professors held a preparatory meeting during which the State of the art of the Doctoral programme and current issues of the Project were discussed.

As a regional coordinator of the project and PhD Programme Director, prof. Marika Baseska made an overview of the realization of the first semester of the programme (obstacles, experience). The process of Quality assurance of the Doctoral Programme was also discussed.

prof. Marika Baseska had a presentation of the activities regarding second and third semester of the PhD Programme as very relevant topics that were discussed after the presentation.

Seven WB university professors through fruitful debate on several main points regarding mentoring (supervising the PhD Candidates prepared the basic questions that they wanted to be clarify during the workshop at UNICE.

  • The next four days several workshops and meetings were organized by UNICE staff.

The workshop participants were welcomed and introduced by the speech of E. Nasica, Director of ISEM, UNICE

  • A number of Presentations of EU partner universities (UNICE and UNIBO) professors had presentations on different relevant topics considering the mentoring/supervising of doctoral students. WB university professors participated to the workshop organized by UNICEs’ experienced professors in supervising who shared their great knowledge.

The presentations were on:

  1. Prof. M. Bianchi (UNIBO): Direction methods of PhD thesis in management. Scientific tools, analysis levels and evaluation of PHD Dissertations. The West-East gap.
  2. Prof. Emeritus C. Berthomieu (UNICE): Some considerations on Direction methods of PhD thesis in economics. The question of the choice of the thesis’ subject in Economics
  3. Prof. N. Tournois (UNICE): Direction methods of PhD thesis in marketing: Topics in Marketing. Research trends.
  4. Prof. R. Teller (UNICE): Direction methods of PhD thesis in management :Research in Accounting, Finance, control and audit
  5. Prof. L. Boy (UNICE): Direction methods of PhD thesis in economic law
  6. Prof.J.P. Guichard (UNICE):Supporting individual paths of doctoral candidates
  7. Prof. C. Berthomieu (UNICE): Guidance of doctoral candidates

After the each topic a fruitful discussion was developed resulting in clarifying the things and activities that have to be done.

(All presentations are in Anex 2)

  • Doctoral School, UNICE: Site visit with Prof.J.P. Guichard, Prof. S. Redzepagic (academic and administrative support)
  • Official Meeting: Prof. F. VIDAL, President of the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, Prof. S. Ngomai, Vice President of the UNICE and Prof. Z. Zoglev – Rector of UKLO , S. Atanasoski, vice Rector UKLO, Marika Baseska-Gjorgjieska, Joint PhD Programme Director. Discusion on the next steps of the Programme and possibility for new cycle of the Programme organizing.
  • Official Meeting:
  • Project coordinators’ meeting: Prof.J.P. Guichard, Prof. M. Bianchi, Prof. M. Baseska discussed on many issues as follows: The interim report, notification from EACEA, next steps, second semester, students’ mobility
  • WB universities professors meeting: Marika Baseska (UKLO), Zlatko Zoglev (UKLO), Saso Atanasoski (UKLO), Gjorgji Mancheski (UKLO), Donika Kerchini (AUT), Fatmir Memaj (UT), Miroljub Shukarov (SEEU) Summarizing the impressions got from the study visit, presentations and discussions WB university professors concluded that the visit has an influence on enrichment of the awareness regarding the choice of the thesis’ subject, supervising the students, supporting individual paths of doctoral candidates and their guidance during research conducting.