Dissemination workshop University “St. Ciril and Metodius” –Skopje (UKIM)

On February 28, 2013 at the premises of the Faculty of Economics –Skopje, professor Marika Baseska –Gjorgjieska , local coordinator of DOCSMES Project and PhD Programme Director organized a dissemination workshop with the representatives of the academic staff of UKIM (from Faculty of Economics –Skopje and Economic Institute –Skopje),and PhD and MBA students.

In front of the respective audience prof. Baseska presented the results of the DOCMES Project so far, The PhD Programme structure and the experience of the first and second semester of the PhD Programme.

UKIM is the oldest and biggest University in Macedonia and, but in this moment previously mentioned UKIM units the process of implementation of the PhD Studies (as a third cycle)is still in the very beginning phase This was the main reason for a great interest that was expressed by the different groups of the audience.

Prof.Baseska also had a poster presentation for those who were interested in.