TEMPUS Project: Regional Joint Doctoral Programme in Entrepreneurship and SME Management for Western Balkan Countries (DOCSMES)


Project Coordinator: Prof. Massimo Bianchi Reporting Period: December, 2012

Project Activity: Meeting


Held at UNIBO, Department of management

December 11th, 2012



List of participants:

Italy UNIBO Massimo Bianchi

Macedonia UKLO Marika Baseska-Gjorgjieska


  1. Several issues regarding the course thought by both professors at the PhD Programme (exam issues, documents signature)
  2. Discussion regarding two students who still don’t have obtained nostrification of diplomas, their position and perspective
  3. problem of absence of one of the PhD students
  4. self-evaluation Committee (to be decided at PMB on a proposal of the coordinators. proposal: prof. Bianchi, prof. Baseska, prof. Donika, administrative staff Mazlami, student Domi)
  5. self-evaluation procedure to be defined
  6. self-evaluation Report of the Programme– the preparing should start. Coordinators will prepare the basic structure and elements. Committee is responsible for the whole Report.
  7. external evaluation – prof. Bianchi to ask EACEA (Ms. Pia Hainamaki) for proof to establish peer-review team of professors out of Partner institutions in DOCSMES
  8. Publishing of QA standards for third cycle including self-evaluation procedure and students surveys
  9. Problem with one of the Partners – Konfindustria from Tirana who is not active at all. Despite, prof. Baseska has met the contact person and others at Konfindustria recently, they don’t answer on any task for which are responsible according to the project proposal. The final decision- prof. Bianchi to send them the e-mail telling them that they should be replaced with some other company.
  10. problem of UAB – necessity of rebalancing the budget between partners because of their different engagement in the PhD Programme
  11. students mobility – the amount for students mobility to be sent to UKLO and all management activities to be provided by UKLO staff

Next activities

January 2013

  • PMB meeting –Prilep (date to be decided)
  • Communication Body establishment
  • Self-evaluation Committee meeting
    • Agenda for three activities –Marika Baseska
  • Dissemination meeting (conference) with the business community (Skopje/Bitola/Prilep)
    • Agenda will be prepared by prof. Bianchi