University and Business Community Meeting

As result of the cooperation between the Faculty of Economics - Prilep, University "St. Kliment Ohridski "in Bitola and the University of Bologna, via European Tempus project through which is developed and implemented Joint Regional Doctoral Programme in Entrepreneurship and SME Management DOCSMES, project coordinators organized a meeting between representatives of small and medium enterprises from Pelagonia region and representatives of universities from Bitola and Bologna, Italy.

This was the initial meeting and it will be followed by meetings that will include representatives of the Italian business community.

The meeting was held at the Faculty of Economics in Prilep on 09.02.2013.

According to the meeting’s Agenda, firstly, the Dean of the Faculty of Economics - Prilep, prof. Dr. Gorgi Mancheski addressed the audience stressing the importance of the iniciative for establishment of the direct cooperation among the University and business highlighting the importance of the cooperation with the Italian business community.

Moreover, the audience was also addressed by the Mayor of the municipality of Prilep, Mr. Marjan Risteski

Professor Dr Marika Baseska – Gjorgjieska from the Faculty of Economics - Prilep, who is a Regional Project Coordinator and in charge of a Director of the PhD program, through a short presentation elaborated the Benefits of cooperation between the economy and the university through the prism of the doctoral program in Entrepreneurship and Management of Small and Medium Enterprises. She emphasizes that the motive for creating the study programme in Entrepreneurship and SME Management came as a result of the importance of the entrepreneurship and management in the modern market economies; the high level of complexity and uncertainty of the market processes and competitiveness which become global; the increased level of required knowledge from various areas in reaching business decisions; the great need for research approach in the decision-making process; possession of superb knowledge of the top management; the development of the regional cooperation; the EU integration; the closer connection of science with the business community through transfer of knowledge, long-term partnership and through increasing the students’ employment opportunities. Business community is a base and main supporter to the students’ research.

Prof. Massimo Bianci, from the University of Bologna, the project coordinator and the president or representative of a number of business associations in Italy * presented the SMEs and business opportunities in Italy and the Emilia-Romagna region. He emphasized the interest of the Italian companies for cooperation and networking that will be of great importance for the PhD students researches.

* Prof. Massimo Bianci

  • Member of the National Board of Directors of CONFAPI,The Associations of Italian SMEs,(1978-1981 )
  • President of the API - SMEs Association for 16 Years ( 1984 - 2001 )
  • Member of the Board of Director of API Forlì-Cesena,
  • Vice President of Regional Association API Emilia Romagna  President of API Servizi operating in the Administrative and Managerial Support of SMEs
  • from 2012 in the General Council of UNINDUSTRIA of Forlì-Cesena affiliated to Italian Confindustria