Barcelona PMB Meeting

May 9 – 10, 2011

held at the University of Barcelona

Introduction and debates on the degree, Joint Doctoral Programme and diploma

Discussion about the compensation of the courses started and lead by Prof. Verges. Credits taken in a participant university will be recognized by the enrolled university. Prof. Bianchi proposed the strategic planning and structural organization of a Programme currently held by the Bologna University that incorporates Kazak students. He proposed the structural organization of this Programme as a model or prototype for the Doctoral Programme in Entrepreneurship and SMEs Management. Prof. Verges proposed the regulation and the formal structure of IDEM Programme currently held in UAB as a prototype to Prof. Baseska for considerations of the UKLA.

Common decision was made regarding the members of the scientific committee. Student can apply for a double-diploma. However, this should depend on the student. If student wants to obtain a double degree from Nice, he/she first should contact with a professor in the same line of research and interested in her research proposal. Then the student can apply to Jury in Nice University and then the jury would decide to prize her with a diploma from Nice (with a double diploma).

Debates on the structure of the Programme

There will be no tracks. One designed structure of the Programme. Agreed electives to be more flexible at PhD level of studies and Research methodology to be a compulsory course, no seminar. More discussions about compulsory and elective courses of the Programme: The electives and corresponding ETC levels are decided. Modules were discussed on a democratic basis, same number of elective module propositions from each of the three EU participative universities. The corresponding professors that are eligible to teach each module were assigned from each of the participative universities on an equal basis. Decided the mobility of professors to take place in the coming few months. This way, professors can get together, attend each others´ lectures, develop new teaching methods, learn from each other and also develop the syllabus of their joint lecture. Was agreed the preparation of syllabus for the joint lecturers to be either, face to face, or by email correspondence among professors who will offer lectures. Prof. Marika Baseska will send a syllabus sample format to attendees. Dr. Bianchi presented and argued certain requirements of the Bologna University, regarding the standards of the organization of a PhD Programme in Bologna. These standards provide quality assurance and if the graduates at the end of the Joint Doctoral Programme will apply to accredit their degree in Bologna, they would get it, if and only if the Joint Doctoral Programme meets the formalization and organizational quality standards similar to that of EU universities. Accordingly, Prof. Marika Baseska will submit/e-mail the adopted quality assurance (self-evaluation) standards from UKLO for considerations of the attendees

Debates about the curriculum of the Doctoral Programme in light of Macedonian survey results

Survey about the curriculum of a PhD Programme in Entrepreneurship and SME management carried out in Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo. Majority of the respondents highlighted the following subjects/topics: Innovation management, enhancing creativity, introduction of new products, risk management. The importance of the orientation of this PhD Programme was discussed and decided to be an academic one. The discussions about the content of the courses and on the methodology of teaching were very productive ones resulting in an agreement about the number, name, content and methodology of teaching the courses. The kinds of competencies to be developed on the students in terms of professional orientations and the skills that they are going to develop and achieve were also broadly discussed.

Debating about Programme structure, draft structure to be delivered to attendees, admission requirements, tentative budget planning of the Doctoral Programme

A brief PhD Programme format – expected topics to be raised and to be incorporated for the coming Doctoral Programme. Prof.Bianchi showed a pre-prepared format of a PhD Programme, raised the important issue to be included for a structural organization of the Programme. Accordingly, he highlighted that students choose the mentor at the end of the coursework. Prof. Bianchi required information about admission requirements of the Programme, what would be the conditions in selecting students etc. What is the state of art in Macedonia or the region, how they select the candidates, degree or equivalent in the required field or any other conditions set by the university. Prof. Bianchi wants to know the practical implementation in Macedonia. Prof. Baseska will inform them about the decisions of the regional partners on entrance standards.

Agreed the estimated budget of the Programme to be prepared by UKLO and shared with meeting board as soon as possible. These items would cover topics such as: mobility of students, mobility of professors, part of the fees that will be covered by the Programme and part of the fees that will be paid by the students etc. Prof. Bianchi presented a budget planned for a potential PhD Programme before. He highlighted some items on the budget and raised the importance of the format.

Prof. Bianchi pointed to the desired sustainability of the PhD Programme. After TEMPUS grant is entirely spent, this Programme must continue.

Discussion about the following Workshop in Bologna to be held from June 6 – 11, 2011

The main objective of this Workshop, as presented by the host, Prof. Bianchi, is to grasp a general idea about the organizational structuring of European higher education as well as applied methodology. In the same vein, academic visits will be made to academic departments of some universities around the Bologna region. First meeting will be held in Department of Management, in University of Bologna. Department of International relationship will host some meetings and organize some lectures. Prof. Bianchi offered to organize 1-2 lectures for visiting academics during one week workshop to Bologna aimed at promoting the level of teaching in Bologna and to discuss about the methodology applied/adopted by the university. Detailed Agenda for this event was presented by Prof. Bianchi.