The Workshop took place at the premises of Dardania University, Prishtina, Kosovo.

Participants of this meeting:

Dardania University:

Xhyldane Mulla

Dardania University:

Avdullah Hoti 

Dardania University:

Festime Mehdiu


Marika Baseska


Besa Shahini


Areti Stringa 


Donika Kercini


Izet Zeqiri 


The Workshop started at the Rector’s office, where the aim, agenda and the expected outcomes of this meeting were discussed and agreed upon.

The following issues were discussed during this Workshop: accreditation issues related to this PhD programme, staff allocation in each of the courses, issues related to establishment and functioning of the steering committee of the programme, preparation for the call for proposals, mobility of the administrative staff, mobility of the academic staff and the plan of work for the next six months.

Accreditation issues related to this PhD programme: the agreement was reached to prepare all necessary documents in order to get accreditation of this PhD programme in Macedonia. The other partner universities will use this accreditation and the partnership agreement signed upon project proposal submission for the purpose of the diploma recognition (i.e. nostrification).

Staff allocation in each of the courses: an agreement on staff allocation for each course was achieved. There will be one professor from an EU partner university and one professor from Western Balkan partner universities for each course. The two professors will work together to finalise the syllabus and prepare the teaching material during the mobility of the academic staff in September 2011.

Establishment and functioning of the steering committee of the programme: The steering committee will have nine members: each partner university in the project will delegate a member in the steering committee (eight in total), while the other four non-university partners in this project will delegate one member. The steering committee will be in charge as per its terms of references foreseen in the regulation of the PhD programme.

The call for proposals: The steering committee will meet in September 2011 to finalise the call for proposal, which is going to be announced by UKLO and also publicised by other WB partner universities.

Mobility of the administrative staff: this should take place during the first part of July 2011. Each partner should send the name of the administrative staff to Prof. Baseska and Prof. Bianchi and Laura in order to coordinate the technical issues related to this mobility.

Mobility of the academic staff: Based on the allocation of academic staff in courses to be taught during this PhD programme, the respective professors from EU partner universities and from WB partner universities should coordinate their mobility plan. This mobility should take place in September 2011.

Tuition fee: According to his experience, prof. Zeqiri from SEEU suggested the tuition fee for the students attending this Programme to be, between 1500 and 2000 Euros per student.

The plan of work for the next six months: The activities foreseen in the project for the next six months were discussed and agreed upon.