On 07th March 2012, at the premises of Faculty of Economics – Prilep, University St Kliment Ohridski was held Academic selection committee meeting. All the preparatory activities for the event where undertaken and successfully accomplished by the UKLO Local Coordinator of the project Prof. Marika Baseska – Gjorgieska PhD and the project assistant Spiro Lazaroski.

The meeting started according to the agenda and all Academic selection committee members: prof. Massimo Bianci, prof. Marika Basheska – Gjorgieska prof. Stephane Ngo – Mai and prof. Joaqium Verges were present to.
All necessary activities concerning preparation of the meeting were done in order to make interaction between members easier in a limited timeframe, according to a pre-agreed Agenda (Annex 1). Each Committee member receives the folder with all candidate Applications.

Main outcomes of the academic selection committee meeting

Developing evaluation criteria

Before this meeting, the Committee members obtained a proposal of Prof. Massimo Bianchi concerning the selection criteria of the Applied candidates to the Programme. This proposal was a base for all members to discus on the criteria as a contribution to the objectivity of the selection.

The Committee members after three hours constructive discussion agreed on the main elements of the evaluation criteria. This criteria was following:


The Committee members agreed that the process of Interview needs to be transparent and efficient. Prof. Bianchi also stressed the sustainability of the PhD programme after the end of the Tempus project.
After the development of the official criteria under which candidates will be evaluated Prof. Marika Baseska stressed that there was big interest for studding to this doctoral program due to promotion undertaken from the representatives of the project.
After developing the evaluation criteria, the application forms from the applicants were evaluated regarding their Preliminary formal accomplishment. It was concluded that six (6) of 39 applications didn’t fulfill the preliminary formal accomplishment and 33 applicants were selected for Interview procedure. According to the Competition announcement 21 candidates should be selected for enrollment to the doctoral programme.

PMB meeting minutes

On 07th March 2012, at the premises of Faculty of Economics – Prilep, University St Kliment Ohridski was held PMB meeting. All the preparatory activities for the event where undertaken and successfully accomplished be the UKLO Local Coordinator of the project Prof. Marika Baseska – Gjorgieska PhD and the project assistant Spiro Lazaroski.


The meeting started according to the agenda. All PMB members were present: prof. Massimo Bianci, prof. Marika Baseska – Gjorgieska prof. Stephane Ngo – Mai and Joaqium Verges.

Main outcomes of the PMB meeting

Local project coordinator, Prof. Marika Baseska-Gjorgjieska, informed the members that the number of selected 21 candidates from the interview depends on the number of mentors suitable according to the Ministry of Education in R. Macedonia. She stress the fact that the Ministry of Education provide an accreditation for seven mentorship and each mentor can supervise only 3 PhD candidates. She also informed that significant effort was made during the previous period to accomplish bigger number of mentors for the PhD programme. Prof. Massimo Bianchi, notify that he would like to contact the Ministry of education in Macedonia regarding this issue.
Prof. Marika Baseska stressed the necessity of making decision regarding the teaching hours for 1 ECTS. The solution according to prof. Marika is 5 teaching hours for 1 ECTS. Prof. Verges clarify that the number of teaching hours for the PhD candidates it’s not same as number of hours needed for preparation the class activities for the professors.
Prof. Massimo Bianchi, suggested to add several dates more on first semester schedule in order to facilitate the average load of the programme during one working day. According to Prof. Massimo Bianchi, the number of teaching hours per day must not exceed 5 teaching hours. The proposal was accepted by the PMB members and several dates were added at the First semester schedule.
Prof. Marika Baseska suggested the need for budget rebalancing. This appeared after the curriculum of the PhD was approved and the participants in the Programme are not balanced as in the proposed budget is.
At the end of the meeting discussion was developed between the PMB partners, about the methods of calculating the costs for professors’ activities and possibility of transferring the financial assets from one institution to another.

Interview: date 8th March 2012 starting from 09:00 – 17:00

At the date of the interview 30 candidates were evaluated according to previously determined criteria. 21 candidates out of 30were selected as suitable for enrolment to the doctoral programme.

Consortium meeting minutes

On 08th March 2012, at the premises of Faculty of Economics – Prilep, University St Kliment Ohridski was held Consortium meeting. All the preparatory activities for the event where undertaken and successfully accomplished by the UKLO Local Coordinator of the project Prof. Marika Baseska – Gjorgieska PhD and the project assistant Spiro Lazaroski.

Main outcomes of the Consortium meeting

At the beginning of the meeting, Regional Project Coordinator Prof. Marika Baseska-Gjorgjieska expressed her warm gratitude for the completed activities so far and for the necessary support given from the project partners.
Professor Bianchi informed the representative auditoria about the selection criteria, the interview process and selected candidates stressing that the process of selection went very well and transparent according to the standards agreed at the PMB meeting.
Prof. Basheska at the beginning of the meeting informed the consortium representatives about the e – learning and possibility of using E – moodle for cooperation between the student and professors.

Project state of the art

Professor Bianchi and professor Basheska, informed the consortium representatives about necessity of preparing and submitting the financial reports and interim reports according to rules determined by the Tempus project.

Also, Prof. Basheska using presentations discus with the DPDG regarding activities completed so far and the next ones, as follows:

  1. Development of the syllabi, Barcelona, Bologna, Nice
  2. Development of the new teaching methods, Barcelona, Bologna, Nice
  3. Teaching methods and distance learning mode dissemination
  4. Accreditation
  5. Enrollment criteria
  6. Scheduling – teaching/exams
  7. Purchasing the Equipment (Improving the programme facilities infrastructure )
  8. Purchasing the books
  9. Budget and other financial issues
  10. The first year documentation (the first interim report)
  11. Public Announcement at the end of December
  12. Promotion of the program
  13. Advertisement (all WB universities)
    1. Flyers
    2. Brochures for the enrolled students
  14. Selection of the students

It was concluded that some of the activities are not completed yet despite they were forced by the coordinator of the project and local coordinator, as well.
Prof. baseska emphasise the importance of paing the attention to the next activities that should be done:

  1. Activity Number 11
    1. Starting the first semester courses/lectures          
  2. Activity Number 17
    1. Workshop on partial results dissemination (Prishtina) (Anex 2)

She gave a proposal for Organizing of the Scientific Doctoral Conference for Students in next period.

Shortcomings during the preparation of the pilot doctoral programme

Professor Massimo Bianchi expressed his deep concern about the promotion activities accomplished in Albania because only one applicant came from Albania comparing to Kosovo, where 16 candidates submitted their application forms. Consortium representatives from Albania inform the other members that all necessary activities for promoting the doctoral programme were undertaken in Albania but the small interest is probably effect of the big competition and quotas imposed by the Albanian educational institutions. The representatives of Kosovo, underlined that the promotion efforts in Kosovo succeeded to attract significant number of candidates from Kosovo.


Presentation on quality Assurance standards

For the development of quality assurance standards, professor Basheska opened the discussion on quality assurance standards underlining that according to the project proposal there is a necessity of creating a scientific committee for quality assurance. Creating a Peer – review team for evaluating the quality of higher educational provision through a Peer review process is also proposed in the project. She pointed out that Quality assurance process should be monitored in two phases: as self – evaluation and external evaluation. The self-evaluation procedure will consist: self - evaluation of the curriculum, self – evaluation of the syllabi, academic staff, administrative and technical support. Also for assuring quality of the doctoral programme Prof. Basheska suggested using short surveys after teaching activities, surveys after the first phase and surveys after the end of the programme. (Anex 3) .

Discussion on quality Assurance standards

Discussion about the quality assurance standards was developed among all consortium representatives. It was agreed that scientific committee for quality assurance should be established. It was stressed that it is necessary all representative members to contribute in implementation of the QA standards.

First Class Ceremony : date 9th March 2012 starting from 10:00 – 11:30


On 9.03.2012, at Faculty of Economics – Prilep, UKLO has been organized The First Class Ceremony of the Doctoral program in Entrepreneurship and SMEs management as a Joint Regional Study program of five Universities from Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo with the support of three universities from European Union.

The first class event was attended by representatives of the universities participating in this doctoral program, professors from universities in the EU-project partners, the rector of the University St. Kliment Ohridski in Bitola, Vice-rectors, Dean of Economic Faculty of Tirana University, Vice-Deans of Economics Faculty Prilep, Vice-Deans of the universities partners in the project, professors, Mayor of Prilep and of course, the selected students.

Professor Marika Baseska - Gjorgjieska emphasized the fact that after more than a year preparing, designing and structuring of this study program by the twelve partners in the project it became a reality. She stressed the fact that, This Doctoral programme is developing and implementing in the framework of the Tempus Project financed by European Commission and its Executive Agency for Education, Audiovision and Culture (EACEA)
The event was addressed by Prof. Massimo Bianchi(UNIBO), prof. Joaquim Verges (UAB) and prof. Stefanne Ngomai (UNICE) as EU universities partner representatives stressing the importance of this kind of cooperation for all universities involved in the programme, and countries as well.


Introductory lectures date 9th March 2012 starting from 12:00 – 13:30

After the First Class Ceremony the students attended introductory lectures given by Professor Massimo Bianchi, Bologna University.

Manville, representatives of WB Universities met and discussed on several current issues regarding next activities of the project.