Regional Joint Doctoral Programme in Entrepreneurship and SME Management for Western Balkan Countries (DOCSMES)


Bologna, Forlì, Cesena, May 24th to June 10th , 2013.

List of the participants:

Tanja Micalevska

Verica Atanasova Jovanovska

Aleksandar Gjuroski

Lupcho Veleski

Makedonka Dimitrova


During their students mobility they participated in different workshops and conference and realized fallowing activities:


  • Visit of the Bank of Cesena, Cesena
  • Visit to the students entertainment center in Cesena.
  • Visit of the University premises in Bertinoro.
  • Meeting with Kazakhstan Students with 5 minutes for introducing each other and their work.
  • Lectures realized in the department of Management in the University of Bologna, by Prof. Bianchi, related to SME’s management and entrepreneurship. The lectures were mainly devoted to the theories for development of entrepreneurship small business management and the approaches that have been used in the Emilia Romanga region for this reason
  • Meeting with Prof. Maurizio Sobrero, Head of Management Department, who described the University of Bologna with multi campus structure and 92 Faculties. The Department manages Doctoral programme. and doctoral students are attending the doctoral PhD. There is a big variety of approach to the research undertaken in the Department.
  • Visit of UNIBO Rectorate were they had meeting with Filipo Sartor who presented the overview of the history, development and the change period of Bologna University in the reform. Also, there was a presentation of mobility programs for young researches.
  • Welcome and opening seminar and meeting with Prof. Cristina Boari who explained the work of the department. She also discussed about the issues that PhD students face.
  • Lectures from Prof. Franceska Barigozzi who presented the price discrimination, oligopoly theory and Nash equilibrium model.
  • Lectures in the Labaratory Via Pratella held by Prof. Roberta Adami considering the financial derivates with special attention of options as financial instruments, types of options, valuation of options and models for pricing them.
  • Meeting with the vise director Maddalena Forlivesi. She introduced the main activities of UNIDUSTRIA in Cesena. The Association is supporting businesses by offering them institutional and operative services.  The membership is consisted of 600 enterprises mainly from the following sectors: Mechanics, Wood, Plastic, Agro-food. An interesting thing is that the Board of directors is composed of entrepreneurs. 
  • Lectures in Via Pratela held by Prof. Simona Zambelli about Investments. The professor opened the lecture, explained some issues considering investments and then students presented their project work related with case studies about different kind of portfolios.
  • Work group and preliminary reports in the School of economics, management and statistics in Forli
  • Visit to the Ruffili University Library and meeting with Mirella M. Srpila about using the database in the library.
  • Visit to the Ruffili University Library and meeting with Mirella M. Srpila about using the electronic databases.
  • Attending on the presentation of the cultural and economic development of region Emilia Romanga in Bologna.
  • Meeting with Dr.ssa Valentina Bugani who is responsible for the internationalization. She explained UNINDUSTRIA activities and system.  Through the power point presentation about UNINDUSTRIA students were introduced and enabled us to better understand the local association and the services enabled to 800 companies from the main sectors it covers.– Lectures held by Prof Fabio Ancarani at the School of economics in Forli. The lectures were about strategic marketing stressing the importance of understanding the behaviour of customers in order to create value for them. The approach of the professor was practical and understandable.
  • Meeting with Sabina Numa one of the managers of Staff Group. The meeting’s aim was to show the students an example of successful family business. Sabina Numa was one of the second generation of the company. Staf is composed of financial, service and thrust companies, and offers different kind of services to its clients.
  • Meeting with Mirko Numa the director of Lamone Moreda company.
  • Meeting and discussion with Prof. Massimo Fornasari and Prof. Mavro Carboni about history of finance.
  • Meeting with the export director Marko Garavini of the family business Graziani Packaging. They work in 30 markets mainly in Europe. The firm produces corns, straps, nets for packaging by using the high technology process and have 50 employees, 30 % of them women and the rest man. Main managerial positions are held by man.  
  • Lectures by Prof Bianchi related with Research methodology for PhD students, common mistakes that students do, and how to avoid them.
  • Visit to the premises of CONAD markets and held meeting with Casadei Alessandro. The students were introduced with the short history of the company, the organizational structure and their operations in Italy. The company has 206 stores. They work with a network of entrepreneurs which has positive effects for both sides.
  • Attending to the conference Scenari economici – l’alto prezzo della crisi e le condizioni per lo sviluppo manifatturiero.
  • Meeting with Prof. Simona Zambelli and consulting about the venture capital industry, recently published papers and possibilities for further research in the area.
  • Lectures by the Prof. J Guttrie held in the School of Economics, Statistics and Management. The lecture was considering the performance measurement. The professor gave some explanations about the crisis and the public accounting.