Regional Joint Doctoral Programme in Entrepreneurship and SME Management for Western Balkan Countries (DOCSMES)


Nice Sophia Antipolis, France, June 15th to June 30th , 2013

List of the participants:

Ajtene Avdulahi

Lura Rexhepi


Sevdie Alshiqi Bekteshi


Arta Grubi Koka


Suzana Trajkovska Kochankovska


Shpresim Vranovci


Kujtim Zulfijaj



The mobility at the University Nice Sophia Antipolis has been excellent educational tool for enriching the knowledge and experience from European institution with tradition and innovativeness for the group of students from Kosovo and Macedonia.

It has started with experiencing the student accommodation in the student campus near the University administration building. The necessary logistic support with the welcome package for the accommodation, travel guidance was prepared by Mrs. Dominique Roussel as well as the visit to the Administration offices of the University and Library.

On 18th June, further in the introduction phase excellent support has been provided by the Prof. Redgepagic and Mrs. Virginia Oddo in the premises of the Economical faculty and the Institute for economical research. They have provided the full schedule for the visit, the organized meetings with the professors and institutions, access to e books and Library and highly important they offered their full support during the mobility program.

On 19th, the group had a meeting with Prof.Nadine Tournois, she shared her experience in developing 2 PhD thesis and long experience in mentoring candidates. The proposal and recommendations for the PhD topic were given to each student as well as different templates used in the University were shared. The professor has recommended models for research (mostly to be oriented with commercial businesses) and the best literature authors. The recommendations were guidance for further literature review in the university library.  

On the 20 th, meeting with Professor Muriel Dalpont was held. She has experience in macro topics that provoked interest among students, especially about the used methodology for development such PhD material.  Students had opportunity to discus about thesis proposal and receive valuable feedback.

On 24 th June, the group from Kosovo and Macedonia meet another group from Uzbekistan and had joint session with Professor Stephan NgoMai. The University of Nice Sofia Antipolis has been presented in the full aspect as opportunity for education, carrier, research and cooperation. The strategy of the University has been closely linked to the Smart Growth, goals and grand objectives of EU for 2020 and it is creating new trends such as Sophia Antipolis as a scientific park specialized in ICT.

 Prof NgoMai offered his knowledge and experience for development of PhD topics on a separate meeting with the group the following day and supported the student with contacts in Nice for further research on chosen topics.

 The visit to Sophia Antipolis Science & Technology Park has been organized on 26 June, so called City of sciences and wisdom has offered close overview of the realization of theory in practice. The join affords of more partners in the foundation has managed to build a knowledge centre that produces complex solutions, designs and is extremely attractive for contemporary and creative scientists. The manager of the Foundation, the director of the business angel’s fund and the president of the Foundation Sophia Antipolis, were the extraordinary team to present the activities of the foundation and offer future cooperation.

Extremely valuable for the visiting students was the accesses to the library resources and data basis as well as realized individual meetings with the mentors and discussions on the thesis research proposal. The students appreciate the opportunity to stay in touch with the professors for further development of the topics as well as professional carriers.

The mobility has enabled the students to have cultural identification and visit some historical, cultural and touristic locations such as Legions parade, cathedrals, Castles.